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Jurong Hu Kaisuo company,Is a formal record unlock units。Involved in the service:Open the lock、Change the lock、Drive a car lock、Open the safe、Replace the superBLock, etc,Big Hu Kaisuo company has profound discussion and research on all kinds of locks。A lot of difficult key difficult to open the lock,Through my company master locksmith can be readily solved,For various kinds of imported lock、Domestic lock、Advanced auto lock、Anti-theft door lock、All kinds of file box、File cabinet、Safe can fix,The company24Hours door-to-door service,Fast door-to-door service。

Our company accepts government agencies、Social groups、The company、The factory、The school、The hotel、The hotel、The hospital such as machine group units(Guard against theft、The fire door、Telescopic door、Activities caigang room、Maintenance in the lock)。Company technical force is abundant,Has a rich practical experience of the technology……

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Address:Jurong city, jiangsu province south road of Chinese redbud garden gate of Peking University
The phone:0511-87224444 0511-83987799 Fax:0511-87224444